Many bloggers struggle to attract new subscribers to their blogs.  I am going to show you seven strategies that will increase conversion rate on your blog and help acquire more subscribers.  Use them wisely and enjoy the result.

  1. Ask to leave an email

I don’t say “beg”. You can politely advise them to leave their email in order to receive future updates of a specific article or blog. Commonly, bloggers ask visitors to leave an email. Some examples of such recommendations are:

  • I want to continue to discuss this topic in the next articles, so don’t forget to subscribe to my blog updates
  • Do you want to get valuable tips about this topic? Subscribe right now and receive one email per week with the most useful information about this topic.
  • Want to know more about this topic? Leave your email and I’ll send you more information.
  • Do you want to earn more and be a part of a community of successful people? Join our club. Leave your email below and receive our weekly emails about monetization tools for your blog.
  1. Exchange

Before you can receive you need to give. So give something in exchange. It might be a White Paper or an eBook, a video or an audio podcast. It doesn’t matter. Firstly, you need create content that will be desirable for your target audience. Secondly, you must create a promotion funnel on your blog. How will visitors know about this content?  With the aim of increasing effectiveness it is better to create a special landing page, where visitors can leave their emails in exchange for your free product.

Example: A Landing Page on Hubspot site

LandingPage on Hubspot

This type of audience engagement is the most popular among bloggers, because it showed great effectiveness.

Another option is presenting a proposition to send lessons about your topic to visitors’ emails. This is a good choice if you have ready-made lessons and email software that can launch email sequences with them.

  1. Add lead capture forms on your site.

It’s hard to leave an email on your site if it’s impossible to find a subscription form.  You can solve this problem by making these forms highly visible, so a user can easily find this form and leave an email. Popular places: a side bar, a place in a header section, a place after an article, before a comment box and in the middle of an article.  You should find the best places for your subscription form by testing different variants.   If you can’t set up such forms by yourself you can always use WordPress plugins or other software (For instance: SumoMe– a free software than provides different types of subscription forms for your blog.)

Example:  A lead Capture form on

A Lead Capture Form

  1. Use Exit Popup software

This software helps convert your abandoning visitors into subscribers.  We described about exit popup software in detail in this article and in this review. I recommend that you spend several minutes and read these materials, because they will help you increase conversion rate on your site without money and extra effort.

  1. Contests

Everybody desires to get something for free or win a good prize without buying a lottery ticket. For this reason, why not provide this opportunity to your visitors? Announce a lottery among your subscribers.  Certainly, a valuable prize increases a conversion rate on your site, but you should be aware that some of your subscribers don’t care about your blog or product, so you should test this type of lead acquisition technique.

  1. Lock valuable content and require a registration

We know that many sites hide their content and require registration to get access to it (For example, Quora , Pinterest or Can you hide some content and show it only for registered users? It can be video, lessons, articles etc.  Another option is to hide some parts of content in published articles, in order to access full articles; people will register on your site.  Sometimes this method can be more effective than methods described above.

Example: Quora site

Quora registration popup

7 Ask a question section

Using this method, you can kill two birds with one stone – get ideas for feature content updates and emails.  Leave information about this section in your blog posts. Encourage people to ask questions.  However, if you don’t have enough time to answer, it would be better not to use this technique.

Growth Hack: 

When you ask instead of email permission to use a Facebook social authentication you can receive not only an email but also: name, age, sex, country, interests, etc. This will make your list of subscribers more valuable for feature marketing activities.

Do you know more good examples of how to increase the number of subscriptions on a blog? Share your experience in the comment section.