Free Directories with High DA

Sometimes it is really hard to find good quality backlinks for your project.  So, why don’t submit your blog to directories? It is a good way to get some juicy links for free and it will definitely help increase your search ranks.  I collected the list of such directories with High Domain Authority ranks. I advise you to combine this method of links acquisition with others, such as: guest posting, comments on relevant blogs, links in articles, etc.

Directory DA PA Comments  69  49  53  49  Add RSS Feed
 40  40  Reciprocal Link
blog search directory  62  49  Reciprocal Link (Optional) 61 56
Blog Directory & Search engine  60  46  58  47  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  56  44   Reciprocal Link (Optional)  56  53  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  53  35  Reciprocal Link (Optional)
blogville  51  59  Reciprocal Link (Optional)
LinkPedia Web Directory  49  48  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  48  49
   48  31   Reciprocal Link (Optional)  47  47  Reciprocal Link  46  45  Reciprocal Link  46  53
Picktu Directory  46  52  Reciprocal Link
URL Shack Web Directory  46  43  Reciprocal Link  45  46  44  39  Reciprocal Link  44  46  44  50  Reciprocal Link
USGeo Web Directory  44  43  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  43  46
Happal Directory  43  42  41  47  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  41 41  40  41  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  58  54  62  45  Reciprocal Link (Optional)  56  42  Reciprocal Link (Optional) No follow


As you can see some of them require a reciprocal link. Others agree to accept your site without them, but if you don’t pay for a premium placement you will be wait one’s turn for a long time(several weeks – three months). Also, an administration doesn’t guarantee that your link will appear in their directory. However, you should try. I have added my site in these directories. In the next month I’ll update this article with information how many of them accepted my blog without payment.

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